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Stories of our Families

Barton 01 The Barton Family’s Story

When Abigail’s dad came home from Iraq, he was a different man, leading her into a depression. But a grant for soccer helped her rebound and focus her energy on something positive.

Christie2 Christie’s Story

When Christie’s dad returned home injured, she stepped into a caretaker role at home, leaving little time for herself.

Collin2 Collin’s Story

Collin had no interest in music before Our Military Kids; now, he plays three instruments thanks to his grants.

Sarah2 Sarah’s Story

A grant for dance classes brought Sarah out of a depression and started her on the path to independence and self-confidence.

Zachary Zachary’s Story

The injuries his father sustained while serving overseas affected Zachary’s performance in the classroom, but a grant for tutoring made a big difference.

Katrina2 Katrina’s Story

Her dad’s deployment fueled her musical motivation.

Justin1 Justin’s Story

When his dad deployed, a grant for pitching lessons allowed him to step onto the mound with confidence.

Alyse1 Alyse’s Story

Shortly after being adopted by a military family, Alyse learned her dad would deploy. Tutoring kept her engaged while he was gone.

Jonathan2 Jonathan’s Story

He’s now known as a piano prodigy after a grant for Our Military Kids helped him discover his passion for tickling the ivories.

Shelby Shelby’s Story

With both her father and stepfather deployed at the same time, a grant for gymnastics kept her happy and healthy.

Horseback02 Adam and Emily Collins’ Story

Horseback riding lessons were extremely beneficial for these two children who needed a therapeutic instructor.

Rodriguez1 The Rodriquez Family’s Story

Grants for a tennis program helped these three children who, despite living minutes from the nation’s capital, are the only military kids in their school.

Ana-Ayanna’s Story

When her father deployed, she received a grant to take sewing lessons in order to make her own prom dress.

Logan’s Story

When his father deployed, he received a grant to take falconry classes – quite an extraordinary activity.

The Blow Family’s Story

Both parents deployed at the same time, and the kids were able to take a full year of gymnastics classes.