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Creative Fundraising Ideas

If you would like to support Our Military Kids, but don’t live in the Washington, DC area, you can use one of these creative ideas to help raise funds to provide grants to children.  Examples of how these ideas have been used are at the bottom of the page.

President’s Chair
Charge $2 per ticket in order to win the use of the company President’s chair for one day.

Lunch with VP Auction
Treat the highest bidder to a nice lunch with company President and/or VPs.

President for the Day
The highest bidder to serve as the President, attending meetings and lunch with the real president.

Halloween Fundraiser
Advise staff in advance that those who do not dress up in costume for Halloween would have to donate $5 to charity.

Plan a dance marathon in your gymnasium.

As an individual, class or school, collect pledges per book read.

Pancake Breakfast
Host a pancake breakfast.  Twist, make it a pancake throw.  Pancake is tossed from 8 to 10 feet from the skillet to the diner’s plate.

Hold a cook out in a park and sell tickets.

Wine and Cheese Party
Ask a local restaurant or wine store to donate a portion of a wine tasting if you bring participants or recruit local suppliers to donate wine and cheese to serve in your home to ticket buyers.

Talent Show
Organize a talent show and charge guests who attend.  Let your guests know money collected will benefit Our Military Kids.  Ask the owner of a local coffee shop to let you bring your friends in for an evening of refreshments and entertainment.

Showcase one performer or a battle of the bands and sell tickets to attend.

“No” to School Uniforms or Business Suits
Arrange for a “Blue Jeans Friday” or Dress-Down Day”. All students or staff to purchase casual dress privilege with funds donated to Our Military Kids.

Car Wash
Host a car wash at school or local gas station.

Bake Sale
Homemade cookies, muffins, cakes, brownies and pies are always a treat, especially around Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween.

Garage Sale
Collect items from friend’s and family’s basement, attic and garage. Used books and CD’s are often a hot ticket item.  Coordinate a neighborhood garage sale with proceeds going to Our Military Kids.

Silent and Live Auctions
Hold an auction for donated items such as trips using unused frequent flier miles, restaurant tickets to cultural  and sporting events.  Get creative!

Arrange a walk, bike ride, run for Our Military Kids.  It could be short, around a school track, or a marathon.

Golf Tournament
Find a golf course that will host an organized tournament or turn your office golf outing into a fundraiser to benefit Our Military Kids

Sport Tournaments
Put together a soccer, basketball, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, or kickball tournament.  Contact local club or professional teams for support.

Ask the wait staff at your favorite restaurant to donate a portion of their tips for the evening.  Be sure to encourage them to advertise the event and they will find patrons more generous with their gratuities.

Company Employee Events
Turn the company picnic or holiday party into a fundraising opportunity.

Change Jar
Place a jar or box in a strategic position in your office or place of business with sign that all contributions go to support Our Military Kids.

Coffee and Donuts
Set up a coffee bar and donuts to sell.

Prime Parking
Auction off prime spots in the parking lot or garage for one-week periods.

Snack Break
Buy bulk candy and sell it at the office as an afternoon snack.

Scavenger Hunt/Road Rally
Participants pay a fee to enter as an individual or team.  Clues are given at each checkpoint to location of next checkpoint.  Clues are placed in different orders to avoid teams following one another.  Penalties for speeding or cheating.

Theme Party
Host a theme party such as a 50′s, 60′s, 70′s party, luau, beach party, etc. and charge admission with proceeds to Our Military Kids.

In lieu of Gifts…
Ask your friends to make a donation to Our Military Kids on your behalf in celebration of your birthday, wedding day, anniversary, retirement, or in lieu of a holiday or hostess gift.

Television Shows
Charge guests at the door to attend a gathering at your home to watch the season finale of your favorite television show.


Real Life Creative Examples

All across the country, creative and caring people are raising funds to support the mission of Our Military Kids. Our Military Kids is grateful for all of the contributions received from donors, large and small.

The challenges families of deployed soldiers and the severely injured face are numerous, but so are the opportunities to reach out and support them. Let us know how you would like to support the mission of Our Military Kids. From school service projects to unique special events, there are many ways to give back and make a difference in the life of a child. Here are some special ways people have raised funds for the children of our deployed and severely injured Reserve and National Guard force.


These children sold lemonade and baked goods in their Takoma Park, Maryland neighborhood on the Fourth of July, with proceeds going to Our Military Kids.


The Stoner Six are sharing proceeds from the sale of their book, FamilyPrint, which reflects on their experience during Tim’s deployment to Iraq. FamilyPrint lends the reader the perspectives of both Tiffany and Tim as they openly, emotionally, and often comically, depict their experiences in a daily collection of writings: Tim’s mission of saving lives as a MEDEVAC commander deployed to Iraq and Tiffany’s mission of raising four young children on her own.

They hold an annual Gala called the ‘Celebration of Sacrifice’ at the majestic Indiana War Memorial to raise funds for Our Military Kids to support children of deployed and severely injured service members.

In addition, they hold a Family Fun Night at a local gymnastics club on Veteran’s Day. The night is open to the community to bring their children to participate in activities around the gymnasium for two hours. All proceeds are donated to Our Military Kids.

Institute of Performing Arts for Youth

The Institute of Performing Arts for Youth in Ashburn, Virginia held a winter recital to benefit Our Military Kids.

Lenox Park

Staff and volunteers of this luxury apartment building in Silver Spring, Maryland, held several fundraisers to encourage their residents to give to our Wounded Warrior Program. Events included a party during Oscar night, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and a carnival for the children of soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The residents responded with zeal — donating over $5,000!