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Q: Who can receive a grant?
A: Children aged 3-18 years of age (through 12th grade), who have a parent currently deployed overseas with the National Guard or Reserve, as well as those who have a Wounded Warrior parent may apply.

Q: What documentation is needed to apply?
A: Please see the “Apply Now” page, which lists the necessary supporting documents.

Q: Does the family have to meet income qualifications before a child can receive a grant?
A: No. Family income is not taken into consideration.

Q: Are there restrictions on the types of activities I can apply for?
A: Yes. Our Military Kids does not award grants for day care, tuition reimbursement, or mission trips. If you are still unsure about your activity, please contact our office.

Q: What tutoring services qualify under this grant program?
A: Grants will be considered for services provided by companies or organizations in the following subjects: reading, writing, math, or study skills to assist children in maintaining academic performance at grade level. Grants paid to individual tutors will only be provided if s/he is a certified teacher who can provide documentation (teacher’s license, etc.) and is not a family member.

Q: Will I receive a check in the mail?
A: No. Checks are sent and made payable to the organization indicated on the grant application.

Q: Will I have to repay the grant?
A: No. The grant does not have to be paid back unless the child does not participate in the activity indicated on the application.

Q: Can my child apply for a second grant?
A: No. We regret that requests for second grants cannot be honored due to funding restrictions.

Q: How does Our Military Kids determine who receives a grant?
A: We provide a grant to each child who meets all established guidelines and submits a complete application package. We will review each request and consider the applications in the order in which they are received at our office. We will award grants to all qualified applicants as long as funds are available.

Q: What are the sources of your funding?
A: Our Military Kids is a public/private partnership. The program is made possible by generous donations from corporations, charitable foundations and individuals. Check the Our Supporters section for more information.

Q: Does Our Military Kids participate in the Combined Federal Campaign?
A: Yes. Our Military Kids meets the Combined Federal Campaign’s (CFC) rigorous standards. All federal government employees can select code #12357 when making selections in the fall.